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Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy 

Sound Therapy Olympia, Wa.

It is extremely exciting to bring this technology and experience to clients! 

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) brings sound and vibration together, creating a consciousness-centered, total body, cellular-level experience. VAT brings the mind and body into a deeply meditative and relaxed state providing clients with a unique personal healing experience. VAT could be described as the opposite of sensory deprivation and more of a sense-assisted meditative healing experience. 

What is the purpose of VAT?   

Some of the reported benefits of VAT 

The Process: The client is positioned on a soft pad that is placed atop a massage table. The pad's unique design allows a client to lie face up or face down depending on their preference, or if they have chosen to add a massage to their VAT session. 

Sound: Delivered through headphones to introduce relaxing harmonic music and binaural tones into the ears helping the client achieve a deeply meditative and relaxed mental state. 

Vibration: The client will experience vibrations emitted through the VAT pad that is aligned with the audio input to the ears. These combined elements produce an effect that makes the sounds one is hearing a simultaneously physically felt experience. These combined elements have an astounding ability to produce a deeply therapeutic meditative healing experience. As the vibrations wash through the body, one is experiencing a cellular-level massage inducing a thoroughly unique state of physical relaxation. 

Duration: VAT sessions are offered in 66-minute, or 83-minute treatments. The times noted are the duration of the audio track that accompanies your session. All VAT sessions that include massage are 90 minutes.

How do I add a massage to my VAT session? 

If you choose to book your session online there a three options for VAT treatments, choose the one that is labeled "Vibroacoustic Therapy with Massage." 

Are you more interested in Sound Bowls and Tuning Forks? Then you may want to consider one of our Reiki sessions which include the use of Sound Bowls and Tuning Forks. 

Check out this article from "Psychology Today" about the benefits of Sound Therapy Click Here 

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