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Reiki Massage 

Reiki Massage Olympia, Wa.

"Reiki has been shown to be better than placebo for inducing a state of relaxation. Physiologically, this means that Reiki is effective in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, quantitatively measured as reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and increased heart rate variability."

 -National Library of Medicine 

Reiki Massage: 

This treatment incorporates Reiki energy healing and Therapeutic Massage (for a complete description of a Reiki session and FAQ click here). Reiki massage provides a complete physical and energetic relaxation session. Reiki therapy focuses on balancing the energetic centers (the chakras), bringing the energetic body, mind, and emotions into a balanced, relaxed meditative state. Simultaneously therapeutic massage (massage description and FAQ) aims to relax, decompress, and assist the physical body in experiencing relief from sore muscles, tight joints, discomfort, aches, and pains. Combined these modalities create an ultimate mind-body relaxation experience to aid in achieving overall physical and energetic wellness. 


The process: 

The client positions themselves comfortably on a massage table while being ready to receive a full body massage. Prior to traditional bodywork, a Reiki session is initiated (click here to see a full description). Reiki energy is passed through the body from the provider's hands. Once this flow of energy is established, and all chakras have been attuned, a complete physical massage is performed with a constant flow of Reiki energy. After the body massage, the traditional Reiki session is continued to a close. The client will experience the effects of Reiki throughout this entire experience combined with a full body massage. During your session Sound Bowls and Tuning Forks are utilized. 

Duration: Reiki Massages are 90 or 120 minutes in length.   **You are continuously receiving Reiki throughout the entire session** 

  • 90 min session includes 30 min of traditional Reiki (light to no touch), and a 60 min therapeutic massage. 

  • 120 min session includes 30 min of traditional Reiki (light to no touch), and a 90 min therapeutic massage.

    • Upon request, this ratio can be altered to 60 min Reiki & 60 min therapeutic massage.

  • 150 min session includes 60 min of traditional Reiki (light to no touch), and a 90 min therapeutic massage.

***A note about office noise***

Though our therapy rooms are maximized to reduce to outside noise, please note that we are located inside of a busy chiropractic office. If you prefer as little background noise as possible, please book your Reiki session between 12 pm-3 pm, or any time Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday as those are the hours and days the chiropractic clinic is closed. 

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